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Connecticut family firm assists with divorce, alimony, child custody, and child support

Family law cases are often fraught with emotion, making it difficult to envision a positive resolution. However, with the support of an experienced and compassionate legal team, you can reduce the turmoil your family is experiencing and emerge in a better place. At Mager & Mager Attorneys and Counselors At Law, we have helped Milford residents navigate complex and delicate domestic law issues for more than 60 years. Whether you need help with a contested or uncontested divorce, are considering mediation, or require skilled representation in a custody or support dispute, our attorneys provide you with the personalized attention and dedicated counsel you deserve.

Seasoned family law attorneys represent your best interests in alimony cases

Alimony or spousal support is designed to provide the economically disadvantaged spouse with the same quality of living he or she experienced during their marriage. In most cases, the spouse with the higher income must pay support to the lower-earning spouse. When determining alimony in Connecticut, the court looks at many factors including the length of the marriage, the age of both spouses, general health, the occupation of each spouse, vocational skills, and employability. Depending on your situation, you or your spouse may be granted temporary or permanent alimony. Our firm provides strong representation in alimony cases and pursues support that is fair and reasonable.

Milford law firm handles child custody and visitation cases with consideration and care

When deciding child custody and visitation cases, the court always acts in the best interests of the children. At our firm, we focus on protecting your child’s welfare as well as your rights. Our lawyers provide sympathetic and skilled legal counsel for:

  • Child custody and visitation — Generally, Connecticut allows parents to come up with their own custody plan as long as it is in the best interests of the child, but it will still need to be approved by the court. In addition to helping you draft a fair custody agreement, our attorneys are prepared to fight on your behalf should you and your spouse fail to agree on custody. If you are a noncustodial parent, you have the right to spend time with your child. We can review your case and help you develop a visitation schedule that fits the needs of your family.
  • Child support — Parents are required to support their children whether those parents are married or not. In Connecticut, you can only receive support for your children through a court order. Our firm can help you create a reasonable child support plan and present it to the court for approval. If a noncustodial parent fails to pay support, we will work to have the order enforced, which may involve income withholding, contempt, and license suspension.

Throughout Milford, our family law practice has a reputation for providing counsel that is prompt, affordable, and effective. We offer a free initial consultation so that you can understand your rights, our services, and the legal process.

Experienced family law attorneys resolve uncontested and contested divorce cases

Most people who want to end their marriage do so through uncontested divorce. Known as an uncontested dissolution of marriage in Connecticut, this form of divorce is favored because it is faster, less expensive, and involves less paperwork. However, if you and your spouse disagree on issues such as alimony, child custody, visitation, child support, or the division of property and assets, your case becomes contested and requires the court’s intervention.

Whether your divorce is amicable or contentious, we provide you with trusted counsel. Our lawyers are committed to resolving your divorce case as fairly as possible and will not hesitate to fight for your rights in court.

Using mediation to settle your differences with your spouse

Mediation is an alternative to traditional divorce that can save you time, money, and emotional strife. As veteran family law attorneys, we have extensive experience providing mediation services for Milford divorce clients. We act as a neutral third party who assists you and your spouse in coming to a mutually beneficial agreement without the need for a courtroom.

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